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All children (and adults!) deserve to enjoy healthy living and be the best they were born to be. Good food and a holistic lifestyle are the key to transforming your children's health and well-being from being constantly sick and moody to being active, happy and no longer reliant on conventional drugs. The Honest Health was founded to empower busy Mums to nurture happier healthier kids through natural holistic living. We demystify the holistic in healthy and present it in simple digestible bites so that time-strapped SuperMums can implement working solutions easily and enjoy their children's progress straightway.

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Imagine what would be possible if you felt energetic from the time you woke up…to the time you went to sleep. I’m hosting a LUNCH AND LEARN to help you identify and let go of the things that are stealing your energy…so that you never have to go another day feeling like you’re “too tired to handle life.”

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I love that Sofie shares freely how to start living healthy with simple steps and tips...I have always struggled with the cooking bit. But after attending a cooking session organised by Sofie and her partner nutritionist, I have learnt that preparation of healthy food is not as daunting as I thought it would be. I highly recommend this programme for all Mums or anyone who wants to start living healthy.

Constance Tan

Full-time working Mum, Mother of 2 active boys

I am an advocate for natural holistic living and fully support the work that Sofie is doing at The Honest Health. More mothers need to hear her message on how to be empowered for their children's well-being. I highly recommend her as a coach and friend.

Jenn Palmer

Movement Instructor, Owner Motion Revolution, Mother of 2 healthy teenagers

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