Sofie Hon is a wellness advocate, passionate about young children and supporting busy Mums. She worked and lived in Europe, Australia and America for over 10 years before returning to Singapore to help in a multi-million dollar family business.

Sofie’s wellness journey ignited when her younger daughter was diagnosed with a rare condition where no conventional medicine could help her. For 3.5 years her daughter went in and out of the hospital, several times on the brink of death. It was later found that prescribed medical drugs triggered her condition and made her more sick. Her quest to make her daughter better brought her through an entire plethora of alternative specialists and natural nutritional experts. Today her daughter is a healthy active child.

Sofie believes that if her children can grow up healthily without reliance on conventional medicines so can many others. She founded The Honest Health to empower busy Mums to nurture happier healthier kids through natural holistic living. As a busy working Mum herself, she fully understands the needs of other Mums in the same situation and has unpacked simple solutions to support other Mums, so that they can move from fear and frustrations to success in implementing healthier options for their family.

Her goal is to empower as many Mums as possible to spend more and quality time with their children and to raise a generation of naturally healthy young people that will make a conscious difference to the future of our world.