6 Little Known Culprits That Are Keeping You Exhausted...and the Fastest Ways You Can Increase Your Energy For Good.

Imagine what would be possible if you felt energetic
from the time you woke up…to the time you went to sleep.

Do you often wake up in a fog, desperately needing a cup (or two) of coffee before you can fully function?

Do you feel “blah,” fatigued, and lethargic at certain times day…and lack energy to fully engage in your life?

Are your relationships suffering because you’re too tired to be “fully present” with those who matter most?

Do you wish you had more PATIENCE with your children, friends, and co-workers?

Are you great at taking care of everyone else, but feel exhausted and drained the moment you sit down to take a break?

Are you constantly reaching for sugary foods, carbs, or caffeinated drinks — just to give yourself a temporary energy boost?

If you said “yes” to any of these…there may be some hidden “energy drainers” that are easy to remove.

Never go another day feeling tired and “blah”! Join me for LUNCH AND LEARN

I’m hosting a LUNCH AND LEARN to help you identify and let go of the things that are stealing your energy…so that you never have to go another day feeling like you’re “too tired to handle life.”

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During this session, you'll learn:

  • The 6 Culprits that are robbing your energy

  • The foods & drinks that are the top energy stealing offenders

  • One simple strategy you can implement immediately to avoid the 3pm crash (and binging on sugar)

  • The fastest way to increase your energy, FOR GOOD (and it doesn’t involve supplements or caffeine)

  • The 5 power-house energy boosting foods you can easily integrate into your diet today


Be sure to show up live and receive my BONUS RECIPE GUIDE “Healthy Delicious, Energy Boosting Recipes.”

Thank-you for a healthy morning full of useful information about real food and empowering me to make healthy choices for my family instead of relying on (store-bought) “quick fixes”. The food is super yummy!

Sandy, Mum of 3 gorgeous kids

Thank-you so much for a wonderful learning experience. It has been such a terrific and inspiring morning. I feel so motivated and hope that your teaching will reach the world because this will definitely make the world a better place! YES to more future workshops!

Liz, Physician and Mum of 4
  • ENERGY BOOSTING Lunch & Learn

    Date: 25 Sept 2018 (Tuesday)
    Time: 10am – 12pm
    Venue: Dinez, Marina One, 5 Straits View B2-38 Singapore 018935

    Price: $20 includes Energy Boosting Lunch and goodies

    Spaces are limited.

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Meet Your Host Who Is Passionate About Food & Health

  • Sofie Hon, The Honest Health

    Sofie is a wellness advocate, passionate about young children and supporting busy Mums. She is a trained Mind Wellness Practitioner and uses her knowledge to support Mums in nurturing happier healthier kids through natural holistic living.

    Sofie’s goal is to empower as many Mums as possible to spend more and quality time with their children and to raise a generation of naturally healthy young people that will make a conscious difference to the future of our world.