If you are a busy working Mum who is exasperated with your children’s breakfast this message is especially for you. You see I was a busy working Mum running a family business. The number of hours I got to spend with my children were rather limited. Time just before school was precious, yet it was often spent picking battles over breakfast.

It finally came to the point that I had to do something about it. I started to research and interview experts and nutritionists about breakfast and what the most important nutrients were for children. Then I put together a list of recipes and tried them on my children.

The changes I observed were encouraging. For the first time I saw smiles at breakfast. The kids were excited about breakfast and it became our talking point. Most importantly I noticed the changes in their moods and behaviour. They were more relaxed and focused in school and they were doing well academically and in sports.

If you can identify with my story and would love to find out how to get to this point of ease at breakfast, join me for the 5 DAY BREAKFAST CHALLENGE which kicks off next Tuesday 11 April.

Join the Heart Moms Tribe now to get connected with over 100 Mums ready to give their children’s breakfast a makeover.


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