If you have school going kids do you often have a big fuss in the mornings trying to get the children out of bed, ready for school and out through the door so that they will catch the school bus or be on time for school? Ever so often I hear from busy Mums that preparing breakfast every morning is such a chore. Firstly, the kids are sleepy and unmotivated and we are often rushing so there just isn’t time to do a proper breakfast. Breakfast is standard every morning: toast and butter/Nutella or cereal and milk. What’s new?

Well here’s something new!

You can offer quick easy nutritious breakfast for your children minus the hassle and the fuss and I guarantee you your children will love you for this. Don’t you want to see their face light up when you serve them breakfast? Well here’s a tip: Serve a good exciting breakfast and you could even get your kids to wake up 5min earlier because they can’t wait to see what’s on the breakfast table!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should never be compromised. It should be a PRIORITY! In the next week I will be running a 5 DAY Breakfast CHALLENGE and I would like to invite you to join me as we plan and create quick and exciting breakfast recipes for our children so that we can have ease and smiles in the morning. Afterall won’t you love that look of appreciate on their faces as they leave for school to conquer the world?

The 5 DAY BREAKFAST CHALLENGE will be hosted by the HEART MUMS TRIBE. Join now to get all the information you need to prepare the yummy nutritious breakfast your kids will thank you for.


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