What are Superfoods? Which are the Common Superfoods in Asian Cuisine?

Learn the benefits of Asian superfoods and how they can be added in our everyday Asian dishes. Join us for more delicious power foods to nourish your family!

Go from being dependent on store-bought bottled flavourings that are full of additives and MSG to making your own tasty Asian sauces that are healthy and packed with superfoods.

Create almost any Asian dish with these flavourings and revamp your culinary skills.

No more struggling in the kitchen. Serve tasty fool-proof Asian dishes quickly.

Nourish your family with powerful flavours and ingredients without any guilt.

Join Sofie and Ismelin for a Live Workshop

See live demonstrations, sample real food, receive notes and recipes, and get to bring home your very own bottles of superfood sauces!

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Here’s what you will get at the workshop:

  • Clarity

    Wholesome and delicious alternatives to the toxic bottled sauces your children are eating

  • Health

    Learn how these homemade sauces are going to transform your health

  • PDF Downloads

    Exact downloadable and printable recipes you can use anytime


  • Efficiency

    Tried and tested quick and simple recipes to wow your family with

  • Happiness

    The 7 superfoods you can add to any meal

  • Free Samples

    Bring home your own Asian sauce to cook right away!

Learn to Make, Taste and Bring Home Your Own Superfood Sauces

  • XO Sauce
  • Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
  • Japanese Sesame Dressing
  • Simple Veggie Stir Fried in XO Sauce
  • Basil Minced Pork
  • Japanese Summer Noodles in Sesame Sauce

Thank-you for a healthy morning full of useful information about real food and empowering me to make healthy choices for my family instead of relying on (store-bought) “quick fixes”. The food is super yummy!

Sandy, Mum of 3 gorgeous kids

Thank-you so much for a wonderful learning experience. It has been such a terrific and inspiring morning. I feel so motivated and hope that your teaching will reach the world because this will definitely make the world a better place! YES to more future workshops!

Liz, Physician and Mum of 4

Thanks Sofie and Ismelin for sharing about healthy eating and teaching to cook quick and healthy meals using healthy ingredients. That gives me motivation to start cooking!


Thank-you Sofie and Ismelin for organising this wonderful workshop. I have enjoyed and learnt lots from you.

Siew Pei
  • Superfoods Workshop

    Date: 13 Jan 2018 (Saturday)
    Time: 10am – 12.30pm
    Venue: Centrally located (Advised upon Registration)
    Price: $120 for 1 pax, $192 for 2 pax

    Spaces are limited.

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Meet Your Hosts Who Are Passionate About Food & Health

  • Sofie Hon, The Honest Health

    Sofie is a wellness advocate, passionate about young children and supporting busy Mums. She is a trained Mind Wellness Practitioner and uses her knowledge to support Mums in nurturing happier healthier kids through natural holistic living.

    Sofie’s goal is to empower as many Mums as possible to spend more and quality time with their children and to raise a generation of naturally healthy young people that will make a conscious difference to the future of our world.

  • Ismelin Pang, Tada Meals

    Ismelin is a culinary educator and artist in the kitchen, founder of Tada Meals. If you are feeling tired and overwhelmed by dinnertime she is here to simplify it for you. Ismelin brings fast and simple wholesome home cooking solutions that families will love, helping them go from always having to eat out and processed foods to healthy wholesome goodness.

    Ismelin’s wish is to make family dinners happen more often and with less stress so they can spend time on what really matters.

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