Wouldn’t we like to give our children a magic pill so that they can be smart, healthy and well-behaved? There isn’t such a pill but there is a magic word called BREAKFAST.

Studies have shown that Kids who don’t eat breakfast tend to be irritable, restless and tired. Such symptoms could escalate into aggressive behaviour and getting into trouble in school. In addition, a full stomach helped in focus and class attendance, and less time spent in the sick bay complaining of headaches and tummy aches.

Here are more reasons why breakfast is so important:
– A good breakfast provides the nutrients that children need to grow, develop and learn
– It gives them the energy they need to be active in school
– Research has shown that kids who have a good breakfast score higher in tests
– Healthy eating habits that include breakfast reduces obesity in children

If your child is faring poorly in school, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself if the breakfast you are serving is sufficient for them. It is not just about the amount they are eating but WHAT they are nourishing their bodies with.

Easier said than done? I know there will still be some kids who would flatly reject your efforts in serving them a breakfast plate no matter how scrumptious it may look. In my next video I will address these breakfast challenges. My children are no different. So I would like to assure you that you are not alone and there’s no battle to lose.

If you would like to get more support on implementing a good breakfast, start now by joining the Heart Moms Tribe where you will get to interact with other passionate Mums who want to be the best that they can be. Let’s share our challenges and success and make breakfast the best meal of the day. See you there!

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